Surprise wedding for the same wife!

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Surprise wedding for the same wife!
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Hi, my name is Leonardo. I'm Brazilian and I want to make my wife happy! She is a warrior girl, hardworking, hardworking! We are both humble and hardworking. I am a cobbler's son, I was a marketer, studying seated in boxes at the fair I spent at Unicamp. I met my wife, we dated for 2 years and she went to the virgin altar. With lots of battle we made our wedding party, then we financed our house. It hurts me that I could not have given her a party to the height of what she deserves and also the tranquility of having the funding taken away.

These are the 2 goals of this kitty. As much as I work, still sell homemade sausage, sell drawings and do other things, I know it will take a long time to make this surprise that my wife deserves. I want to give these 2 congratulations to her: as a wedding gift, MAKE A NEW MARRIAGE FOR THE SAME WOMAN (with the right to bridal party, party with prom, honeymoon) and also give her the house taken away.

Help mine to achieve this dream, share this kitty, make a small donation.

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