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Help me save my family!

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Help me save my family!
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Hi, my name is Sandra Melo, I'm from a small and poor town called Camaragibe, northeast of Brazil. I am a 47 years old, mother of three children (20, 15 and 7 years old). Their Dad and I have been married for 20 years so far. I've just lost my oldest daughter to the crime. She is a drug addict. I've been living this completely nightmare last years, my oldest daughter was abusing drugs and alcohol and the drug addiction treatments were too expensive and we couldn't afford it. Since that we've been always with drug dealers in front of our house and I'm so scared for my two babies. I have looked and looked for someone to help my daughter. I don't wanna lose my other two sons. My salary barely cover my basic needs and my husband goes out. He got depressed right after kidnapping our oldest daughter. He lost his job and we moved to a smaller place with our children. We had nothing at that time, no retirement, pension or any value. I've reported my daughter's case to the local police, but they didn't do anything about it. We are for our own lucky. Please, somebody out there have compassion in their heart to help my family. We are good people.

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