Óculos Para Daltônicos Enchroma

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Óculos Para Daltônicos Enchroma
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Hawk sunglasses are a rectangular semi-wrap metal frame with a low profile and a wide field of vision. The frame is stainless steel and features silicone nose pads and high-strength integrated stainless steel spring hinges. The temple tips feature a “toothed” grip that ensures the frame stays secure in active situations. Hawk is available in semi-matte black. Case included.

Sorry, not available in Rx.

EnChroma Hawk. Color blindness glasses for adults. Frame size: Large 59-18-130, fits most adults.


Width: Medium / Measurements: 59-18-130 mm 

What do these numbers mean?

 Lens Width 59 mm

 Bridge Size 18 mm

 Temple Length 130 mm


Other Details:

 Frame Width 131 mm

 Lens Height 36 mm

- Recommended Pupillary Distance (PD) Range: 63-77 mm - Progressive/Bifocal: No - Frame Material: Metal - Frame Shape: Rectangle

Measurements can also be found on some select frames printed inside the temple arm.


Prescription Information:

Single Vision - For one field of vision (near, intermediate, distance) or for reading  Progressive - (Varifocal) For seamless transition from reading, distance, and near vision.  You can email your prescription any time after placing your order. Please include your Pupillary Distance (PD) measurement along with your prescription. We will contact you if we require additional information, and remind you if you forget to submit your prescription.  We can make almost any Rx, and the same 60-day return guarantee applies.

EnChroma Quality

- Non-prescription lenses made from lightweight plastic - Rx Lenses made from impact resistant polycarbonate  

- Premium anti-reflection, scratch-resistant coating - 100% UV Protection

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