Luka & Guto Wedding + New Home + Honeymoon!

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Luka & Guto Wedding + New Home + Honeymoon!
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Today, grateful is our second name! Thank God we have understood that our time is different from His and all that He does is perfect . The universe conspires in our favor and unforeseen existed to strengthen us! We know that we are very lucky. In addition to have each other, we had in our history both as individuals and as a couple, a lot of people cheering for our dreams come true! We decided to do something simple, but very meaningful . We want to celebrate this new phase of our lives with these angels around us. They are our greatest gifts! You are one of these angels. Unfortunately, we now it would be complicated to come to our wedding. But if you want to present us to make this more a dream, feel comfortable to do it! Well, that's it! Have we have said that we are happy? Yes, we are! Kisses, Luka & Guto Ps: 1USD= 3,5BRL
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