Anti World Tour In Brazil

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Anti World Tour In Brazil
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Well, I've been trying to go to the one of Rihanna's concert for years in Brazil. But it never worked. I got a job and worked hard to make one of my dreams, and in the course of my goal, I received a bad news, where I will be unemployed on 13.05.2016, due to the economic and political crisis in the country. And see my dream going away, it's frustrating for me because I worked hard and it wasn't worth. Now I have bills to pay and sustain my mother's house for a little longer. So it won't be possible to make my dream come true on my own. I ask earnestly, to my twitter friends to help me to rise money. I beg you to look at my side and help me with what you can. My goal is 285 dollars. I will be forever grateful!
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